Awning Cleaning



The use of awnings and canopies for both homes and businesses has grown tremendously- they are used for outdoor living and exterior decoration, and they come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Regular maintenance of your awning is necessary to preserve and protect them for continued use year after year. Elements, such as dirt and dust, mold/mildew that accumulate on the fabric must be periodically removed in order to prevent negative effects to your beautiful awning.

Cleaning and maintaining your awning generally requires the help of a professional cleaner. Window Maintenance LTD understands the variety of awning fabrics and materials. Our highly trained expert staff apply the appropriate cleaning agents to ensure that no damage is caused to the awning during the cleaning process.

Awning cleaning is crucial to the beauty and the efficient shading of your canopy for your home or business. Our expert services ensure the most professional maintenance and care of your awning.